Can my landlord refuse my request to have an ESA pet?

The FHA is a federal law that makes it illegal for housing providers to refuse a reasonable accommodation that a person with a disability needs to have an equal opportunity to enjoy and use a dwelling. 

Landlords have to give the tenant a “reasonable opportunity” to provide documentation regarding their ESA before rejecting the tenant’s request.

Support Pets may offer to add a second pet to your Emotional Support Animal status as a promotional or paid service. While the second may be approved by the doctor at their own discretion, this does not guarantee Landlords and Airlines will allow the second pet without additional fees. Many landlords and airlines are welcoming to a second pet but this is not something the doctor can control if one tries to require different rules for the second pet. The doctors are unable to provide a separate diagnosis for each specific animal. This is something that rarely comes up, but in the event, it does we want our customers to be fully informed on the best ways to handle their approved Emotional Support Animal(s). *Refunds can not be provided in this instance*

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