What is the cost to travel with my pet?


  • $125 each way


  • $125 each way


  • $110 each way

Hawaiian Airlines

  • Travel within the state of Hawaii: $35
  • Travel from Hawaii to North America: $175

Alaska Airlines

  • $100 each way


  • $99 each way


  • $100 per segment per carrier, applied to all pets.

American Airlines

  • $125 for each flight
  • Checked pet services have been suspended for now.

United Airlines

  • All rates are charged per piece based on the total weight of the animal and crate combined.
  • Each crate is considered one piece.

Sun Country Airlines

  • Advance reservation of pets for a nonrefundable fee of $125 is recommended.
  • Walk-up requests for pets are accepted for a nonrefundable fee of $199 if the limit of four pets per aircraft has not been met. 


  • $95 each way

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